Big A Elementary School


The purpose of the policies page is to provide the users of the library media center with a guide for the operation of the school library media program. This section will be updated as changes are made in the library media center.

Circulation Policies


PreK Students may check out 1 fun book once a week. (This usually starts after the first month or so of school)

Kindergarten students may check out 1 fun book once a week. They may also check out 1 book to read as soon as the teacher feels that are ready.


Any materials removed from the media center must be checked out.

*Check out books as needed

*Check out videos for curriculum support

*Check out digital and video cameras for 1 day. Return by the end of the day so that batteries can be recharged. These may be reserved.

*Check out magazines and resource materials by filling out the card and placing it in the resource box.


Parents may assist their children in book selection after school and when convenient for the classroom teacher. If they have a special need they may ask the media specialist for assistance. Decisions on book check-out is made on a case by case basis.

Conduct Policies

Students are expected to:

Follow all school rules.

Respect adult authority.

Demonstrate respect for self, others and media center property.

Use quiet voices when in the media center. No talking when a class is in session.

Follow the established Internet Policy.

Not disturb others working in the media center.

Walk at all times.

Take responsibility for damaged materials when in their possession.