Big A Elementary School


How to "Check In" a book

Place your book in the drop box.


How to check out a book

1. Place your finished book in the book drop.

2. Look for a new book (no talking please).

3. Scan your card under the bar code reader at the Check-Out station.

4. Scan your new book under the bar code reader at the Check-Out station.

5. Use the mouse and click "reset".

6. Walk quietly back to class.

7. Enjoy your book!!! :)


To check out materials: Locate your card at the circulation desk. Scan your card and the barcode on your selected material. Click rest.

To return items: Scan books in on the check in computer and place books in the drop box. If it was an item from the teacher resource room please return directly to Mrs. Lee. Please do not drop videos in the drop box. Place them on the circulation desk. Return equipment such as digital cameras directly to Mrs. Lee.



Procedures are the directions. Please check out the Policies page for the rules and regulations of the media center.